What Space Camp forum would be complete without a place to talk about one of the best/worst movies of all time, SpaceCamp, as well as all Space Camp references in pop culture.

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Re: Remake

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I thought it was satire when I first read it :lol:

Looking forward to watching it, should be fun.
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Re: Remake

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The original movie led you to think they were all going to the Space Camp at Kennedy (otherwise that was a long commute from Huntsville on two occasions in the film).
I can't help but wonder if this new film will have a similar concept and if so, if it'll take part back in the 80s or today. As nobody's flown from Kennedy in almost a decade, I wonder if they'd show the campers strapping into a SLS and suddenly going for a ride?
Without the (admittedly ridiculous) premise of the kids being launched into space, the movie wouldn't hold the same ideas as the original.
I just have three hopes for this:
1. It's entertaining
2. It's filmed at Huntsville
3. It's not written or acted like "Space Warriors"...
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