"Ad astra" movie

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"Ad astra" movie

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I saw it the first weekend of the release and in a word, "Meh."
The nuts and bolts, to me, proved distracting. The opening sequence of an antenna array anchored on the ground that went into space was a little confusing to me, tears going down a face in zero gravity, "Space Force" uniforms that were simply pre-9/11 Army class A uniforms with almost NO insignia of any kind (something that really made no sense to me), people with ranks that did not fit the ages of the actors whatsoever and a animal research space craft nowhere near Earth orbit?
This is a mash-up of "2001" and "Apocalypse Now," taking the more confusing elements of each.
I've described this to some friends as one of those movies that could easily be half an hour shorter than it is without the audience missing anything. Also, that by the end, you are sort of left wondering what the overall purpose of the plot really was. I've also followed with three key words: Wait For Video.
While it isn’t a BAD movie, I’d say it’s just not as a good a movie as the people who made probably think it is.
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