Saturn 1 For Sale!

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Saturn 1 For Sale!

Post by SpaceCanada » ... one-wants/

Wait, what?!?!

The link in the article, to obtain NASA artefacts, doesn't list the Saturn 1, so it may have been a hoax or already sold, but still!

I'm sure my parents' property is big enough. It's significantly cheaper than buying a house (here, anyway), so in reality I'd just need a chunk of land and some imagination and I could live inside of it. You know, if I had US$250,000 somewhere other than invested in my own house.
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Re: Saturn 1 For Sale!

Post by majtom7 »

My understanding from someone who's seen it is that you wouldn't want it.
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Re: Saturn 1 For Sale!

Post by Boomerang »

I saw it 14 years ago today actually on a tour of Marshall. It was in pretty rough shape back then and i'm sure it has not improved with age. If a museum or other facility had the mone to do some restoration work it might be salvageable. Keep in mind this is a Saturn 1 block 1 first stage. So basicly you have the engines and tankage assembly. No fins not much else other than the associated first stage hardware and i'm not sure how much of that may have been stripped for other use. This sat outside next to the Saturn 1/1b test stand for more years than I know like I said I know atleast 14 years probably longer.
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Re: Saturn 1 For Sale!

Post by Hotdog »

Considering that the first Saturn I Block I flight was just a test of this stage, with dummy second and third stages, it wouldn't take much for whoever buys this to turn it into a complete rocket for vertical display in a Rocket Park (are you listening, Sprocket? :D ). A basic and bare mockup could be built rather cheaply to go on top of this thing. Since Sprocket is already in the process of restoring their outdoor artifacts, this would make a very fitting addition and the timing is perfect. My question is, why wouldn't Marshall offer this to the Rocket Center first before going public with it? Or perhaps they already did, and Sprocket refused?
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