First Timer going to Kid's Aviation Track!

Going to camp soon? Have questions about camp? Post them here for those that have gone to answer.

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First Timer going to Kid's Aviation Track!

Post by alaskamak10 »

I have so many questions...!

1. How much does soda cost from the vending machines?
2. How much does juice cost from the vending machines?
3. Candy from vending machine?
4. Do they have computers or like computer time...? I am a Minecraft addict! 8O (i'm going 2 alabama 2 days early so I can go 2 geek stores and buy school clothes..! :lol: )
5. I like Bocca burgers... (I love meat, but I was wondering if the veggie burgers are Boccas!)
6. How late can we stay up? >:)
7. Do most kids wear the SPACE suits?
8. Is anybody going to the aviation track that starts on August 12 in Huntsville(Kid's Camp)? I want to get to know the people I might be meeting!
9. Is it better to bring my phone?

Other random things...

Do you know some mischievious tricks :twisted: ? Cause I'm not the forgiving type... Or the ms.nice type, either! And on minecraft, I'm a master griefer! :roll:

So somebody, please help!
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