Does the mothership read this forum?

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Does the mothership read this forum?

Post by Hotdog »

So does the "mothership" (the big wigs who run Space Camp and the USSRC) read this forum? I know we have some councilers and staff on here. Just curious.
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Post by SpaceCanada »

When I went to the adult 8-day camp some of the higher-uppers admin people said they were watching my posts and my countdown to camp on this forum, so I'm sure some of them still visit now and again.
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Post by Sandrat »

They do. Hopefully they find our dialogues funny, and some probably shake their head at some of the things we share.
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Post by ApolloXI »

I do remember in counselor training someone mentioned that we should be careful what we post on the facebook and the like because we could lose our job over it.
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Post by Boomerang »

Believe me counselors should be careful about what rhey posts here and facebook, myspace etc. I know it led to probles for one counselor when i worked their.
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Post by Benji »

Being careful about what you post is good advice for any job, but doubly so for boards related to your industry, doubly so for boards related to your employer, and doubly so if you work with kids. So be 8x as careful, counselors!
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