Movie: Mission Control

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Movie: Mission Control

Post by SpaceCanada »

Anyone here watched it yet? It is on Netflix and Apple iTunes, and probably some other video hosting/streaming sites as well.

I am about half-way through and enjoying it immensely. I love seeing the faces of various engineers and MCC personnel and hearing their stories. I cannot wait to finish watching it tomorrow.
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Re: Movie: Mission Control

Post by majtom7 »

<Raises Hand>
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Re: Movie: Mission Control

Post by p51 »

Just saw it listed on Netflix last night. I saved it and plan on watching it when I have some time.
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Re: Movie: Mission Control

Post by Conan »

I watched it this weekend and really enjoyed it. It showed how much the missions depend on the men and women in Mission Control and how important they were in the early days of the space program. Great to see and hear from so many of them who you usually only get a little bit from in most space documentaries.
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Re: Movie: Mission Control

Post by Bookworm3616 »

Read the book version "Go, Flight". This was very interesting and I highly recommend it.
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