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Error 500

Post by SpaceCanada »

Some sort of internal server error keeps popping up when I visit Hab1. Is this happening to anyone else? Am I just hallucinating?
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Post by gt0163c »

I haven't gotten that error...about the only error I haven't seen today....lousy work network.
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Post by Pete Conrad Fan »

Jennifer, I've gotten it a few times. You're not alone! :D

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Post by bnaivar »

I got it once and when I immediately logged back in I got in fine.
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Post by pilotgirl21 »

I apparently had the same message at some point today, but it didn't show up on my screen, but it's showing up in my search box.
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Post by Mercergl »

Can't say I've gotten it, but it looks like it isn't major. And you must've gotten on at least once to start this tread :wink:
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Post by p51 »

I know this is an OLD thread but it’s happening to me so often I can’t search the site or look through any threads that are long than one page. I can look at maybe one thread and that’s it for a very long time. The irony is I got one while replying, had to go back in half an hour later to just post this reply.
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Re: Error 500

Post by Vincent »

This should not happen any longer. Please let me know right away if you see it again.

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