An Open Letter to HabForum Members

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An Open Letter to HabForum Members

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Over the past several weeks, the HabForum has grown by leaps-and-bounds, experiencing growth I hadn't thought possible in such little time. For those that have been contributing thus far, I thank you for that.

With great growth, however, came great pollution of this board, with irrelevant posts, childlike arguments, and chronic deviation from the posted topic.

Because of this, I have had to go clean out roughly 500 bad posts. This amounted to roughly an entire fourth of the forum's post count at the time I did this. This was not acceptable.

But the past is the past, and now it is time to look towards the future. To this I would ask only that you keep the following in mind as you continue to interact with other members, both new and old, of this forum.
  1. I do not care about the quantity of posts you have. Rather, I am concerned with the quality of these posts. If you would rather keep score than make contributions to this community, please leave. Now, having said that, I can appreciate your enthusiasm towards a place devoted to talking about camp. Just please try to keep in mind that that's what this is: A place devoted to talking about camp.
  2. Space Campers have more to contribute to the world than just their experiences at camp. Feel free to discuss anything you want in the HabForum, but please discuss anything not related to Space Camp (and related things) to the "Off Topic" Forum. That's why it's there.
  3. No one here is better than anyone else, no one here is more correct or more incorrect than anyone else, and both sexes enjoy equality in this forum. Respect each other for your similarities as well as your differences.
  4. Proper grammar and spelling make posts much easier to read and comprehend. If you are not very good at one or both of these things, that's okay, and I have no problem with this. If, however, you are making these mistakes because you are in such a rush to move on to your next post (as I often suspect is the case), please go reread #1.
  5. Not everything in a topic has to completely stick to that topic. If a comment is related to the previous posts (but perhaps not about the same thing), that's okay. But completely deviating from a topic will not be appreciated. This is why there's a big "newtopic" button in the forums. If something is important enough to say, you can start a new topic.
I thank you for taking the time to read and think about this letter, as well as your continued involvement with


Vincent Vazzo