Who is the coolest counciler of all time?

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Who is the coolest counciler of all time?

Post by Hotdog »

My vote would have to be for my night counciler from my 1989 Boeing team at Space Camp, "Big E".

Big E was this big black guy who was funny as hell! I don't think he ever stopped smiling or laughing. He was quite the jokester and prankster. Well, there was this drop-dead gorgeous older girl in Academy I who i think everyone had a crush on. Big E told us that if we could get her to come to our Sleep Bay he would throw us a party with pizza, music and refreshments. The only stipulation was that we couldn't tell anybody, since it was sort of against the rules and if "The Dragon Lady" found out she would have all of our heads (The Dragon Lady was a notoriously evil counciler back-in-the-day who thought she ran the place). Sure enough, we scored the date with the older hottie and the party went well for the first 30 minutes or so. However, it wasn't long before Dragon Lady and her henchmen found out about our festivities via a jealous camper from another team. She quickly put an end to our fun and shut our party down. I think we had a new night counciler after that. Still one of the most memorable of my camp experiences!

Here's to you, Big E, wherever you are. Party on dude!
Anyone else wanna share a "cool counciler" story?
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Post by Boomerang »

I wonder if that was the same dragon lady who was there in 93 i doubt it but you never know. Sounds similar though. My favoorite was a tie between 2 Kenn Satterfield who was my night counselor in 91 who was still around through 1998 and left in 1999. Coolest thing was over the course of 7 years he still remembered me every time he saw me come back to camp. When i was there in 05 he also came over to the hotel to hang out for a while the last night i was there.

Second was Red from 1998 a really cool guy who let us get away with murder all week. And since he thought we all deserved the right stuff award on our team that week he made sure we all got one though for everyone except 1 it was off the record. That was his last week as a counselor and he was the best.
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Post by SpaceCanada »

Jeremy C gets my vote - he worked sims and missions while I was there in 1998 and was one of my counsellors for 1999. He treated us all like adults and knew how to make everything fun, even waiting in line. He kept us out late doing extra things and even came into the Hab to play cards and chat before curfew. Great counsellor he was, probably why I kept in touch with him for so long. Yay for Jeremy!

Pyro gets second place. He was my second counsellor in 1999. We all love Pyro, even if we cannot quite explain why!

Jedi, Phil, and Lenny get kudos too.

Kevin from 1998 was good, but near as good as Jeremy or Pyro! Then there was Liz... she gets no points from me.
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Post by Deimos »

LIndsay, Julie, and Robbie was cool, but he wasn't always the nicest. I liked Julie most though.
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Post by Granite »

My vote goes to... Shaggy! He was my councelor last year for Mach III. He ended up our full-time councelor, which I can imagine was pretty hard, considering we were a team of 3+ year veterans, save for 3 people. He had to put up with all the stuff we pulled and STILL managed to get us every award but one. I hope he got some good R&R after that week.
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