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Hey Vince!

Post by SIMCOPAT »

Please hook me up with my gold counselor wings. This is your Space Academy counselor, Pat.
Pat Williams
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.: Pj :.
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I will soon be a counseler too. Not in USSRC but in the Euro Space Center in Transinne, Belgium :D :D .
ISC 2004 ( Belgium ), Shepard-team
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Post by SpaceCanada »

Congratulations Pj! Please keep us updated.
- Jennifer -
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Post by Krispy »

Great news there PJ! Trust me you are going to have a blast... and keep in touch too, its cool to know people working at the various space places around the world. I'm glad ya enjoyed your week at ISC so much... I was lucky to have such a great team...

Pat! Good to hear from ya! Vincent, please hook this guy up, I have fond memories of Pat and various AWO members back in the wrestling game antics at camp. What did ever happen to that belt?

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Post by shenandoah04 »

Congratulations, PJ!!! That's awesome!!:)

And Hi, Krispy.:)
Lisα Dixon
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yea pj congrats and good luck let us know how it goes!
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ohhh gold wings

Post by CounselorKate »

I'm just posting because I want to see if I have gold wings... Holler!!!
PS - I love you, Vincent.
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