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Thanks for such great ideas!! I will be definitely be consulting you in the future for new ideas and comments on our present ideas.

The head of the space programmes at the Odyssium went to an educators conference at the Canadian Space Agency last summer. There, she learned of a 'mission' set-up. It is not a shuttle mission, but rather a Mars or Moon mission - which coincidentally coincides with the United States' new vision for space, but any-who... There are three stations: Mission Control, Mars or Moon, and Communications. I will post the details in a day or two, as I am quite busy right now and don't have time to type it all out.

While the mission is not presently on the CSA website, it should be posted in the future.

Valuable resources for space programming (in English et en Français) can be found at the Canadian Space Agency website: ... ources.asp
(Many of our programming ideas come from this website...)
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