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Possibly Applying

Post by Bookworm3616 »

Hi there-

Wow. Been a while since I've posted here.

So, I have questions about one of the parts in the information about the counselor position. How unafraid of water do I have to be?

Do I have to be able to get lifeguard certified? Just not anxious? Able to scuba dive? Trying to determine if I'm qualified for the position.

I really don't like boats. Or rough water. Can swim fine, just don't expect me to jump on a boat or into a crowded wave pool. No desire to be a life guard

From my years at Space Camp/Academy/Advance, I only remember scubba being a possible issue (they wouldn't let me due to health).

I rather not apply and get there to be surprised lifeguard trained. Or expected to scubba dive like it's no big deal.
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Re: Possibly Applying

Post by Vincent »

While it's been some years now for me, at the time I was a counselor, you didn't (and still don't) need to be a certified lifeguard.

I did some swimming during counselor training, but that was the last time I was in the water...

I wouldn't worry about it.
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Re: Possibly Applying

Post by Boomerang »

I know i'm late in posting this but go for it and apply. You won't regret it
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