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Post by ApolloXI »

You know you are a former counselor when you spray Lysol Clean Linen and you have flash backs to working with EVA equipment.
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Re: Smell

Post by p51 »

Smells can be funny. Growing up in Florida, I had terrible sinus problems and had a crummy sense of smell until I got out of there (it came in handy in the Army, though, not being able to smell much of the time). The idea of a smell triggering a memory was an alien concept until I got older and my sense of smell got better.
There's a spot in the building I work in that gives off some kind of scent, I have no idea what it is. And I can't tell you what smell from the training floor I'm reminded of, but every time I walk by there, I'll close my eyes for moment, and with the echoes that also remind me of the training floor, I find myself back there almost every time.
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Re: Smell

Post by SpaceCanada »

My smell memory from camp is less pleasant: rotting chocolate milk in one of the overhead air ducts in our Hab room. The first night the counsellors didn't believe us and kept telling us to go to bed, which we eventually did. The second night it was wafting into the halls and stank up a good portion of the floor. We were finally given a new room. I feel bad for any counsellor that shares such scent memory from our room. (The milk was put up there by someone well before we arrived, likely trying to hide contraband food in the Hab one night.)

Ah... scent-based memories...
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Re: Smell

Post by majtom7 »

Heaven Sent :)
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Re: Smell

Post by shenandoah04 »

Late to this conversation but there is a perfume called "Twilight Woods" (either Bath & Beauty Works or some generic knock off)- and it smells I swear legit like the Hab. I haven't figured it out. Sweet disinfectant? I'm not sure but I love it.
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Re: Smell

Post by Phoenix PK »

The Marriott used to provide in-room products under the brand Energy. They switched, but still get the stuff from Bath and Bodyworks. Reminds me of Camp.
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Re: Smell

Post by Spyder »

shenandoah04 wrote: Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:01 pm Late to this conversation but there is a perfume called "Twilight Woods" (either Bath & Beauty Works or some generic knock off)- and it smells I swear legit like the Hab. I haven't figured it out. Sweet disinfectant? I'm not sure but I love it.
I have spent over a decade thinking I was INSANE! Someone gave me a bar of Twilight Woods soap years ago (I think I was still in HS) and I smelled it and immediately went "This smells like Camp." I went to AC, so it has to be something in the museum or cafeteria. It's uncanny!
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