Counselor at Space Camp Turkey in 2007

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Counselor at Space Camp Turkey in 2007

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Hey All!

As Vincent posted on the homepage of Hab1, Space Camp Turkey is looking to hire some counselors for this summer. They pay for roundtrip airfare from any US city to Izmir, Turkey (where Space Camp is), meals and accomadations at the camp, as well as $85-$100 a week of spending money! The camp is alot of fun and hosts students from all over the world, Turkey, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, everywhere! It's also a really great oppurtunity to travel, Izmir is a beautiful city on the Aegean coast and nearby to many historicial sites and the Greek islands.

If you have any questions on what it's like to be a counselor at SCT, please let me know. If you are interested in applying, send an e-mail to Beth Mitchell-Gencel, International Programs Manager, at [email protected] She does all the HR work for the english speaking counselors.

You can check out pictures of the facility in the Hab Photos section of and you can also check out my blog (which I was bad about updating this summer) at

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Our very own Harmakis (Kayla) has applied to be a counsellor at SCT this summer. I will be keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed in hopes she gets the position. Go Kayla!

(Don't worry, my eyes are naturally crossed, so I won't be doing them any harm.)
- Jennifer -
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well IF i get to do it you know Ill be taking you... I use my hockey bag... your small enough to fit in.. and ill get ya an oxygen tank or two... :-P

thanks jennfier
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