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Going to camp soon? Have questions about camp? Post them here for those that have gone to answer.

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Packing list

Post by Eyesangela »

I'm 27 days away from leaving to go to the 4 day space camp!!! Supper excited to finally make a lifetime dream come true. So my big question is what to pack for the 4 days. I also have paid for the flight suit so I'm going to be wearing that. Any and all great info would be great, thanks!!!!! :D :) 8)
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Re: Packing list

Post by p51 »

Extracted from my personal Space Camp website:

•Shorts with cargo pockets on the side. It's really hot in Huntsville into the late summer. That's all I wore my first time, with the camp (or other NASA) shirt and they came in really handy as a water bottle fit well into one side.
•A shirt you want to be seen in photos wearing at camp. They give you a camp shirt at the start but nobody wanted to wear the same shirt for several days straight in that heat. Most of us wore them the first and last days.
•Water bottle (see above). I had a nice metal one, but a plastic bottled water bottle I bought in Atlanta worked great, which has turned into a tradition for me. There are plenty of places to fill it at Camp. Again, it's very hot, so hydrating is a big thing. And you can toss it when you get back on the plane.
•Small notebook. They gave us a huge office-style notebook but I brought my own small metal-cover organizer which came in really handy, which was a little bigger than a 5X7 picture frame. There are things you need to take notes for.
•Something for 'white noise' at night. It's really quiet in the HAB and neither me nor my roomie slept well for that reason the first time.
•A good camera. I brought my Canon EOS, which isn't small but gets great shots (all the shots on this page were taken with it). Sure, I had to lug it around but it was worth it to get great photos. Cells have really good cameras, but if you want good quality shots, bring a good quality camera.
•A couple of sharpie markers and small set of colored pencils. This is for the mission patch design. The sharpie really makes a mission patch design pop out. If you look up in this page you'll see how the patches I drew looked so much better with a sharpie!
•A bag to carry everything in. I had the helmet bag covered in NASA patches and it came in really handy. There was always a place to put it aside, even when I piloted/commanded the orbiter. The gift shop sells a neat (and not too expensive) Space Camp backpack, if you want something official for that.
• shower shoes
• coat hangars, mostly for your flight suit.
• padlocks with rotating numbers on the side, for the. Wall lockers.
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Re: Packing list

Post by Conan »

Towels. You share a bathroom and towels are not provided. A camera of whatever type you prefer. Many use their phones these days. Last time, I brought a GoPro. Slippers or socks to wear when walking to the restrooms. Bare feet aren't allowed in the hab. ( I wouldn't want to anyway, considering how many kids run around on those floors!). I find it handy to have a backpack to carry my water bottle, cameras, notebook and such around with me. Don't forget the duct tape! :D
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Re: Packing list

Post by TahoeMinx »

Packing for our week long camp next week, and I have a quick question: Do people wear footwear in the UAT? Or do they just go barefoot? I have some reef booties I wear when I go snorkeling - didn't know whether I should bring them.
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Re: Packing list

Post by Hotdog »

Most people go barefoot, but I have seen the occasional pair of "flippers" being worn while observing UAT dives.
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Re: Packing list

Post by Bookworm3616 »

I took water shoes, but took them before entering the UAT (SA uses the UAT)
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