Naval aviation camp inspired by Space Camp

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Naval aviation camp inspired by Space Camp

Post by Benji »

This place looks pretty cool: National Flight Academy gets its 'keel'
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Check out our live web-cam as we continue to grow.

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Re: Naval aviation camp inspired by Space Camp

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I drove past this the last time I was in Pensacola in September, but I had no idea what it was (I was in a big hurry because we were in the middle of a heck of a storm and my wife wasn't happy with such a long detour).
Interesting concept, I like the idea of a mad-up carrier name that campers can claim as being 'veterans' of (frankly, I always thought SC should have had different orbiter simulator names) and made-up squadrons as well.
I'd have loved to have done this when i was a kid, and I grew up not too far from there but no way my folks could have afforded it.
I wouldn't dream of going now, as SC fills that roll for me and besides, as a former Army officer, I'd feel seriouly unclean in a Navy environment (anyone who's served gets this but it seems odd to lifelong civilians, so I get it it if any of you don't get my point).
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