4th of July at AC.

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4th of July at AC.

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Well at AC the 4th of July was a fairly normal day their wasnt anything special done that day but it was definately one of the busiest. We started the day when Grunt came into our room to wake us in the morning as he had done every morning except this time he was wearing combat fatigues wit a pistol belt and canteens. That morning he greeted s with wake up today we are at war or something along those lines. This was the start of a long day. After breakfast we had our Team top gun unfortunately i came in second so didnt get to move on. We had a land navigation lecture that morning as well. At lunch i was suprised when a counseor asked how old America had urned today and someone said 500 well not quite we were only 220. After lunch we had the ussual lectures and some time in the lake then the pilot and rio that won our team top gun went to the camp wide top gun and lost there second fight. After dinner it was time for our last camp lecture on camoulflage and movement. Afterward we got issued old flight suits and face paint and we did our escape and evasion. Out of an 11 erson team about 3 or 4 survived. The fireworks we could hear in the background made it seem even more realistic. After E and E we had pizza that we had ordered earlier and we just tried to enjoy our last night AT aC. We sat around and talked for another hour or so before we had to go to bed. Ofcourse the next morning we graduated.
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