Pre-movie logo hat

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Pre-movie logo hat

Post by TheBryanScout »

Found this hat in an eBay listing recently. It's clearly pre-movie judging by the patch sewn on it, but does anybody know more about these? Also, as of 10:48 AM on November 8, 2015, the hat is still up for grabs on eBay.
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Re: Pre-movie logo hat

Post by p51 »

I have photos of them being worn, and hats were pretty popular at SC for the early years, not so much now.
They pop up on ePay from time to time, they're not nearly as uncommon as the flightsuits with the early patches...
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Re: Pre-movie logo hat

Post by Hotdog »

They were post-movie as well. I remember them being in the Space Gear catalog into the early 90s.
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