CDR seat, but you won't believe what airplane!

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CDR seat, but you won't believe what airplane!

Postby p51 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:27 pm

I went to the Evergreen Aviation museum in McMinnville, Oregon yesterday. I'd been there twice before but not since 2005. They have expanded the place a great deal ad is the only museum I know which has a B-17 and hardly anyone notices. It's dwarfed by their primary display -
The Hughes H-4 'Hercules':
Inside the crew compartment after walking up a very tight spiral staircase:
Here's about the only part of the plane that really is spruce, parts of the main wing root:
Unique view of the lined up props off the left wing:
Inside the wing, looking toward the outer edge. They had crewmen inside the wing taking readings on its one flight:
And here I am, not only sitting at Hughes' seat, but on the same seat cushion he sat on the one time I got the bird off the ground in 1947!
Talk about an amazing experience...
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