Camp Suggestion for 2019

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Camp Suggestion for 2019

Post by Conan »

I just made the following suggestion on the Alumni Facebook page and wanted to make it here too:
I would like to make a suggestion while there is time for it to be implemented. Next year, for the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary, could Space Camp have a special Moon Landing adult camp for the week heading into the Alumni Festival on the Anniversary weekend? Starting on the Saturday or Sunday before and ending on the Thursday or Friday of the Festival? It could include new moon missions using the Orion crafts and museum tours and lectures related to the history of the Apollo program. Magnificent Desolation on the Omnimax. Something like that.
Having attended a dozen Adult or Parent/Child camps in the past, it would be nice to have one that is new and different. Of course, if there could be some real astronaut involvement, that would be great too. What does everyone think?
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Re: Camp Suggestion for 2019

Post by p51 »

Naturally, I like the idea. I'd imagine they're gonna do something for the 50th.
That said, do you mean an Apollo landing sim? I can't imagine how that'd work as none of the hardware at SC would work for a LM landing on the moon but I know the software is there for the Altair lander, as I did a lunar mission in 2014 using that (though the software didn't work well at all then).
As for me, I plan to be at the Museum of Flight in Seattle on the 50th, as the Columbia capsule is supposed to be there on that day.
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Re: Camp Suggestion for 2019

Post by Hotdog »

So far, we have two Apollo astronauts coming, Al Worden and Ed Mitchell. There will be an attempt to break the world record for most model rockets launched at one time on July 16 (so start building your rockets now!). Later that evening, we'll have an Apollo-themed dinner. Summerfest begins after that and lasts through the weekend, with the usual concert, hall of fame dinner, auction, biergarten, pool party, etc. Hopes are high for all of the rockets to be restored by then, as well as a new state-of-the-art digital planetarium to replace the Spacedome IMAX.
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Re: Camp Suggestion for 2019

Post by shenandoah04 »

Maybe my post won't be entirely relevant, and it's also my first post on here in a lonnng time, but I can't believe it. 8O Next year is 50 years. Wow. Happy Moon Day!
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