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Postby Conan » Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:51 am

I thought I would post a poem that I wrote for my team in 1996, after an 8-day adult Space Camp. A lot of the experience will seem familiar.

The Ballad of the Kennedy Team
by Diane M. O'Keefe

We came from around the United States;
Each one to live our dream.
Eighteen men and women to test our fates;
The crew of the Kennedy Team.

Seven signed up for Aerospace
Bold Aviators all.
To win command would be their race,
And a spot in the heroe’s hall.

Another seven were Engineers
Desiring to work in space.
Building structures to last the years;
The cargo bay their place.

Technology had only four
Great scientific minds.
They did the job of several more
And experiments designed

Our counselors were Jason and Bill,
Stalwart and light-hearted.
We’d see if they’d be smiling still
When their evil plans were thwarted

Michael and Alan led us to Otters
Closely followed by Terry,
Where many sampled the fiery waters.
A “hot [darn]” please, for Sheri!

Pat jumped ship to the Aerospace crew
Trading his place to Thom.
He taught Marcia the panel, through and through
And maintained an icy calm.

The Engineers Built mini-ships
To cushion their precious eggs.
Michael’s, Sheri’s and Liz’s survived the trip
The rest were albuminous dregs.

The Technology track had to plan and decide
Experiments for the station.
Kathy, Terry, Jim and Earl vied
To win the Science ovation.

The aviators went to simulate flight
And clear the menacing skies
Carol’s the one who got it right
And won the flier’s prize.

The Engineering and Technology tracks
Trained in the three-level tank.
With scuba gear upon their backs,
Into the depths they sank.

Amy got the family’s call
And was forced to fly away.
Her trouble brought out the best in us all.
The team came through that day.

Finally came the fateful day,
The extended duration mission.
Jason had already gone away,
Leaving Bill in the “god’s” position.

First in command were Carol and Rick
Launching from the Cape.
Not arguing would be the trick
For pilot “Chimp” and her “Ape”!

Liz and Diane did their EVA
(Diane in prone position!)
While Thom and Jim were on their way
To an underwater mission.

Lora took her place as “Flight”
And Rachel as Tiger Team,
Helping the orbiter to get it right
In MOCR, they were the cream.

Kathy helped out the station crews,
And Alan served as INCO.
But the public only heard the news
Of Earl at P.A.O.

Capcom talked them through the worst
Till Richard finally touched down
And then the orbiter reversed!
To laughter all around!

Finally came graduation day
With hugs and thanks and tears
But Michael’s video is on the way
And a reunion in a year?

Strangers we were to begin the week,
But not so by the end.
Adventures are what we came to seek
But what we found were friends.
1988-Adult Lev. I
1996-Adult Lev. II
1997-Adult AC
2000-P/C FL
2000-Adv. Adult Acad
2001-Adult AC
2007-Adult Alum.Reunion
2014 - Adult 4-Day
2015 - Advance Adult Academy

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