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25 years ago today.....

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 8:12 am
by Spanky
I remember it just like yesterday. 25 years ago today appox 120 kids were in the Outpost theater to graduate from the first week of Space Camp. Hard to believe it's been that long and has grown so much. Happy Birthday SC!!

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 9:54 am
by SpaceCanada
120 kids? Wow, I never thought there were so many in the first graduating class!

Congratulations Space Camp!

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:52 pm
by JennieM
What I'd give to see a pic of that first class. Wonder what they're all doing now.

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:29 pm
by Boomerang
hate to contradict you but the first graduating class according to everything i've seen only started 25 years ago ysterday and graduated on the 18th.

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:12 am
by Spanky
You know Jason...I stand corrected. I guess it became a blur to me. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reminding me of this. I think I remember seeing your young face there, right? Have a coke and a smile.........

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:24 am
by Sandrat

Out of respect for Vincent, I have deleted my rant. Try not to be so accurate with everything you have to post - your opinions and feelings are more welcomed than your unerring accuracy for all things Space Camp. Such things seem disrespectful to many of us who were so involved for so long, so passionately, and so respectfully.

Spanky, you are a true brother and for the record as a former program manager, a graduate of the VERY FIRST CLASS of ANY SPACE CAMP program EVER, and one of the best human beings on the planet, you are worthy of the Space Camp Hall of Fame and so much more. More than that, I respect what you did there, what you went through there, and how you moved on from there more than you know. It's not about what you do now, it's about what impact you had while there. Few people had a larger impact that you.

I responded the way I did because it hurts to know we cannot go home again. My brothers will understand that, especially because they are my brothers.

Knight Six

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 11:51 am
by iheartspacecamp
Sandrat wrote:You know I was thinking of starting a new thread entitled "I WILL WRITE NO MORE FOREVER" but this trumps that idea. Maybe I'm fed up with forums and discussion boards and such in general, but I've gotten to the point (especially on this board) where I'm officially fed up.

While I appreciate the fact that many of you are still fighting the good fight everyday, please understand I mean this with the utmost respect:

Because you are there does not mean you can discount the experiences, opinions, and thoughts of others. People get dates wrong, people misplace experiences, and people generally foul up. Deal with it.

I've tried to share the funny stories, I've tried to give my opinion (to which I am entitled), and I've tried to carry on knowledge and appreciation for what the programs went through from 1996-2001. I've come to the point where I can't do it anymore.

Be it having my opinion thrown back in my face, being told I was dead wrong about things I had a hand in creating, and corrected for the slightest technical goof in anything, and seeing my friends whose intentions are jovial, thought-provoking, and truthful be told that they should watch themselves in these forums has grated to the end.

I wish you all the best, and I hope that you can take the special aspects of Space Camp and Aviation Challenge with you and realize that sometimes baggage is just baggage and you should put it aside someday.

In the finest tradition of the cavalry.

woah... who tied your panties in a jumble? and why dont i see anywhere on this topic where someone threw something in your face? somewhat made a small mistake...was corrected...the end?

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 6:17 pm
by Boomerang
I'm sorry if that sounded like i was trying to be mean about it or anything. I was just pointing out something from what i had heard. I may be wrong if i am then so is the whole camp here aparently. Wouldnt be the first time if they were. Was not intending to tick anyone off with that.

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 7:53 pm
by Vincent
Yeah, seriously. Allowances have to be made to the fact that it's often times very difficult to convey tone in text.

And yet, after years of reading Boomerang's posts, you should have known better than to think that's how he meant it. Tisk, tisk. :wink:

(what can I say...the smilies help convey tone a bit)...

So you flew off the handle.

You were missed around Space Camp last week though, you should know. Many noted that you, if anyone, should have been there.

And that's the last we'll say about this.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 8:17 pm
by Sandrat
Please see my edited post.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 11:43 pm
by des
Yeah it is. I think it's why I do smilies so much (I feel they are a little maybe too obvious as those little pictures than they are in ascii). I have seen big misunderstanding. And I am a pretty sensitive type. Still I love this sort of thing. It is my major time waster for sure.